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• update of hotel included-in-price information
• video protest during Golden point round
• video protest for 4 & 5 point techniques of opposite player
• helmets only by approved brand partners
• added information about Power Taekwon-Do

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Official Umpires list for the European Championships 2020
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The 35th ITF Taekwon-Do European Championship will take place in 2020 in the Czech capital and the fifth most visited city in Europe, Prague.

It will be held from 22 to 26 April 2020 and will be hosted by the second largest sports hall in Prague, Tipsport Arena at the Exhibition Grounds with a capacity of 12,500 spectators.

More than 1,000 representatives from 33 European countries are expected to start here.

All of them will compete for European titles in five taekwondo competitions, namely in technical races, in semi-contact sport, in special techniques, in power breaking and in self-defense against multiple attackers.

Among the champions will be personally attended, among other things, the greatest personalities of the world taekwondo, led by the president of the international taekwonda federation prof. Ri Yong-Son of Korea and President of the European Taekwon-Do Federation, Grand Master Michael E. Prewett of Wales.

We will apply for patronage or partnership for this major international event: Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic, the City of Prague, the Central Bohemian Region, the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in the Czech Republic, the Czech Sports Union and others. flight.