2020 Championship final information

Dear Presidents, Grand Masters, Masters, and NGB Members,

 we would like provide you some final information about the 2020 Championship matters. On the last day of August Czech Taekwon-Do ITF Federation was able to send the last deposit money of all 28 received refund requests.

 All return request were fully refunded. Many of the NGBs have confirmed receiving their money to date, we would like to thank them for doing so.

 We would like to express our big gratitude to the following NGBs, which were able to provide us a financial gift by not asking for a full refund and and thus helped to reduce our big financial loss:

Our special thanks goes to Bulgaria, Cyprus, England, Estonia, Greece, Netherlands, Norway, Romania, Scotland, Switzerland, Ukraine and Wales. We believe that in future we will be able to fully compensate for their support.

 We wish all the best and more luck to Greece as the organizer of 2021 EITF Championship. We hope to meet you all in October 2021 and have a good competition all together again.

 I wish you merry Christmas and happy new year 2021.

 Yours in Taekwondo,

 Marek Lazor,

 President of Czech Taekwon-Do ITF Federation